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We organize and facilitate guided tours for investors from all over the world. Tours are available for anyone inside of Zanzibar-Mainland (Tanzania).Tours can be organized during your holiday stay in Tanzania, work trip, or if you are a resident and looking to “check things out” while you here.


There’s nothing better than seeing with your own eyes” is put to practice during the investor’ tours. 




Examining, first-hand and hands-on, the multitude of investment opportunities that Zanzibar Mainland (Tanzania) has to offer for the international investor.


Obtaining familiarity, with local real-estate “hotspots” and lucrative investment profiles.


Networking, with like-minded individuals, meeting local business people and getting straight-up, knowledgeable answers to the essential questions savvy investors ask – as well as a few you probably haven’t thought to ask.

Experiencing, along the way, some of Zanzibar- Mainland (Tanzania) unique and breath-taking sights and historical sites, unearthly sounds, cultural delights, and culinary delicacies.


During the tours, we advise you not to invest in any of the investment. Instead, spend the time to familiarize yourself with the local market – so that if and when you decide to invest, you’ll have the necessary information to make the best, most profitable, and informed choices, that suit your criteria and requirements.

To inquire about our subsequent organized investor’ tours or put together a custom itinerary suitable for your particular requirements and criteria, contact us today. 

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