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Government launches “Silicon Zanzibar” initiative with Wasoko

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Zanzibar Silicon initiative will attract and relocate tech companies from across Africa to the island.

Zanzibar. The Government of Zanzibar announced the launch of Silicon Zanzibar, a new initiative to attract and relocate tech companies from across Africa to the island.

It is believed that Silicon Zanzibar will streamline the issuance of work visas to skilled tech workers from across Africa and beyond to relocate to Zanzibar.

The government will also offer strong incentives to participating companies under Zanzibar’s existing Free Economic Zone program, which includes exemption from corporate income tax for 10 years.

Tech companies in Africa received over $6 billion in financing in 2021, in what has become the continent’s fastest-growing major industry.

In response to the opportunity, Zanzibar Minister of Investment & Economic Development, Mudrick Soraga said that tech companies will no longer have to open offices and move their people to Dubai or London to manage their operations in Africa.“ We are providing an open and enabling environment for all tech companies and their team members to be based in Zanzibar—one of the world’s most attractive destinations—allowing everyone building tech for Africa to be based in Africa.”

He added: Silicon Zanzibar directly supports the government’s Blue Economy Policy to promote economic development with a low environmental footprint and sustainable resource requirements. Technology businesses are particularly economically resilient to climate change risks since they are not dependent on weather conditions, which will support Zanzibar in diversifying its economy against seasonal industries such as agriculture and tourism. The relocation of world-class technology workers will also significantly contribute to the Zanzibar tax base through their income and local spending power while sharing their skills and experience with the local ICT workforce.

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